Instagramā€™s New Terms of Service- And What You Actually Need To Know

Instagram’s New Terms of Service- And What You Actually Need To Know

Many of you know, Instagram recently updated their terms of service. Either it made you nervous, or it did not interest you one bit because let's be honest, long paragraphs of boring legal information isn’t sexy. But seeing as how this is my bread and butter as an IP paralegal, I thought I’d break it down for you in the sexiest way possible. 

First, the fun disclaimer: this is not legal advice, just general legal information for creators and consumers in layman’s terms. Consult an attorney for further questions and guidance on how this pertains to your social media platform. I say this because it is important to go to the source, in this case the Terms of Service, and not links that give their rendition of it, as many without legal knowledge may interpret incorrectly. 

Now for the fun part. The good stuff. What does it all mean?!

1. There will always be a polarization between...


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