Creative Counsel Episode 55: How to Run a Successful Art Business with Artist Jenie Gao

If you thought art and business were kind of like fire and ice, you’ll love this episode. Jenie Gao, artist and muralist is here to decimate the "starving artist" myth and show how she quit her full-time corporate job and made the leap into the art world. She is now a successful full-time artist, creative director, and entrepreneur and is ready to drop some art biz knowledge bombs on the creative entrepreneurs, artists, illustrators, muralists, and other creatives out there who are working on pursuing their own creative businesses. 

Jenie pulled from her experience working in the arts, public education, and lean manufacturing to build a business that allowed her to continue developing her passion while making a positive impact on the world around her. She now specializes in printmaking, murals, public installations, and arts project management and has built a business that allows her to bring budding artists along in their journey as well. 

In this episode,...


Creative Counsel Episode 54: How to Build a Business for the Life You Want with EMyth VP Tricia Huebner

Are you stuck working “in” your business and not “on” it? Have you read the EMyth Revisited -- or had it on your “list”? Considered one of the most influential business books of all time, EMyth is the Creativentrepeneur Book Club Pick for January and is a classic story that helps business owners “beat” the sobering statistics of small business burnout and failure. You do not want to miss this special interview with the OG business coaching gurus with guest Tricia Huebner, VP and Head of Coaching at EMyth. Tricia shares her vast entrepreneurial insights from two decades of coaching and leading more than 3,000 entrepreneurship workshops. If you are interested in getting started in setting up systems in your business (even in a company of ONE) and in building a business that you will ACTUALLY love, instead of giving yourself another crappy job -- then listen in!

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What is the great EMyth and why...

Creative Counsel Episode 53: The Ultimate Event Legal Checklist

Well -- the SEO-droolworthy title kind of says it all, right? If you plan events or want to plan events for your business or organization -- then you need this episode in your life (to be honest, you probably needed it a few Diet Cokes ago). This episode comes BURSTING with all the real legal issues that can crop up when you are planning an event and breaks them down one-by-one. You can host events and rock then AND do it legally without losing too much money, momentum or sleep. So buckle in and dig in!

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why your name matters and how to do a name clearance search
  • The business fundamental steps you CANNOT skip when doing events
  • how to protect your business materials/intellectual property at a event
  • what you need to get in writing and with who you need to hash it all out with
  • how to properly set up legal expectations and professional relationships with sponsors, speakers, and partners/collaborators
  • what liability waivers are really...
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